CET Mock tests is similar to final exams where the paper pattern is similar and so is the marking scheme used to gauge actual potential and find out your weaknesses.

Mocks are very helpful in knowing where you should improvise and where your strengths lie, they help in performing better and give you results on time consumption per question. It shows number of wrong and right answers, attempted questions, Negative scores and time Consumed.

Mock Tests are model tests of the actual exams that follows the exam pattern and is bound by the time. Answers, results, and your rank among the other participants who have taken the same exam previously will be shown, after submitting the test.

After giving every Mock Tests you must analyze:

  • The time taken to solve each section?
  • Which question took the maximum time to solve?
  • Which section was the easiest for you and the hardest one?
  • Average time spent on each question in a section?
  • What is your Accuracy level Versus Number of Attempts?

Analyze these aspects and try to change your style of attempts in the next Mock tests in order to achieve the best time and accuracy.

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