The students go through a tough process of metamorphosis and this happens in a gradual manner through-out the curriculum of three years

  • The students enrolled in the first year go through various activities apart from the class room lectures, they are made to prepare presentations on various syllabus related topics and various topics of the business world. This inculcates in them the kind of confidence which is required in the future business leader. Case Studies/ Discussions is another form of teaching pedagogy employed to develop the mental ability of each student and encourage him or her to ensure they understand as to how the theory learnt applies in real life managerial situations.
  • Guest Lectures are organized fortnightly regular weekly guest lectures from industry leaders/experts in different areas are arranged to provide valuable insights into contemporary businesses and industrial practices. Students are encouraged to attend Guest lectures outside the college, to facilitate their overall growth and a more well-rounded education. In the recent past our students have been sent to AIMA, FICCI, and AITMC etc. to attend such talks.
  • The students also are encouraged to attend and participate in the Seminars and Workshops because learning through seminars, workshops and conferences encourages professional discussions between students and practicing managers. NDIM always encourages the current issues and practices related to industry, economy and foreign policies etc. to be presented and discussed with the students.
  • Now is the time to make a simulated platform for these novices to have a first brush with the industry and to see for themselves how the things are performed so they are taken to the various manufacturing houses to show the actual work platforms. Industry/plant visit at NDIM is a regular feature where in its students get an exposure to the corporate practices and processes. Such visits give them valuable opportunity to interact with the company officials and understand the ways in which business is run. We have been able to arrange such visits at Coca Cola, Parle, Mother Diary, Maruti, Thomson Press, Yakult etc.
  • When the students graduate to the second year these activities get repeated but the gravity of the content upgrades them to a new level of learning. Projects and Assignments form an integral part of the curriculum. Guidance to work on the project is provided by the course faculty. Working on these projects act as a live experience to the students. The students are assessed on the bases of these projects and pass with flying colors.. Students are required to play role of managers to solve different corporate problems.
  • This leads the students towards the last milestone of their journey in the institute. The candidates on the basis of their caliber and interest choose their area of working and the CRC now arranges for the Pre Placement Talks and Mock Group Discussions by Industry Experts. NDIM has always made sincere efforts towards exposing its students to the current trends in the corporate world through interactions with industry experts and through workshops, summer assignments and projects, etc.. This enables a student to evaluate his/her own interest in the company and thus identify an appropriate fit, both for summer and final placements.
  • Twice a semester after the 1st year of the curriculum, Pre- summer training and Placement talks are organized to make the students understand the expectations of the industry from them.
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