Educational Clubs

Various educational clubs work in tune with the functional areas of management including Human Resource, Marketing, Finance and Information Technology. The main aim of this cell is to prepare the students for the corporate world by engaging them into live and practical activities to give them insights of the real world corporate practices.

The HR Club

NDIM’s HR club aims to impart its skills amongst students by holding activities like mock recruitment sessions, mock training modules, HR conclaves and workshops. The basic purpose lies in blending theory with live and practical exposure to students.

The Marketing Club

This Club focuses to explain the nitty-gritties of the dynamic marketing world to students by converting the 4Ps of Marketing into practical assignments and events like –

  • Marketing Mela
  • Marketing Workshops
  • Customer response based projects
  • Presentations and Case Studies
  • Business Games

The Finance Club

It works towards boosting interest in Finance amongst students and also helps indulge that interest through competitions, workshops and professional opportunities. The club also endeavours to serve as a bridge between the industry and the student community ensuring preparedness for placements.

The I.T Club

The committee aims to create a collaborative learning environment where the students can improve their IT knowledge. It focuses at organisingworkshops, seminars and guest lectures to enhance their interest and skills. It also handles all the social media platforms of NDIM, New Delhi like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and is responsible for the internal and external communication.

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