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Manthan 2018

Registration: 09:30 am onwards

General Terms and Conditions:

  • Last date for registration is 3rd March, 2018.
  • One faculty member must accompany the group of students.




8th March, 2018 New Delhi Institute of Management, 61, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, Near Batra Hospital, New Delhi.
Magic of Colors - Rangoli
Colors Galore - Poster Making
Nav Srajan – Creative Writing
Battle of Thoughts –Debate/Quiz
Picture Perfect - Collage
9th March, 2018 Arya Auditorium, Des Raj Campus East of Kailash, near ISKCON Temple, New Delhi
Sur Sangam – Solo / Group Song
Ghungroo – Solo / Group Dance
The Unceasing Hunt – Mr. & Ms. Manthan
Ramp Roadies – Fashion Show
Nach Baliye
Ad Mad Show
Battle of Bands
War of DJs

Note: Please send us a Video Clip of your performance through CD or Whatsapp to the coordinators by 26th Feb., 2018 along with your registration form.


  • Minimum of 4 members and maximum of 14 members in a team will be allowed.
  • Maximum time allowed will be 16+3 minutes.
  • Gestures, costumes & song wording etc should be decent.
  • All props etc to be brought by the team itself.
  • Each participant should have their college Id-Card with them.
  • No costumes and props will be provided.
  • Each team participating in the event should have at least 2 CDs and one pen drive.
  • In case of technical faults, judge’s result will be final.
  • Participants are advised not to choose indecent songs and costumes for performance.
  • Minimum number of participants in a team is 3, and maximum 16.
  • Maximum of 3 accompanists allowed.
  • Time Limit: 16 + 2 minutes (including stage set up).
  • Judgment will be based on quality of singing, coordination and not on makeup, costume or actions of the team.
  • No film songs allowed.
  • Duration of the song should be between 3-5 minutes.
  • Maximum number of accompanists is two.
  • Participants have to bring their own instruments & props (if required).
  • Any adjustment required from the organizers should be informed well in advance (at least 2 days in advance).
  • The proposed song should be decent.
  • Judgment will be based on the qualities like sur,taal, composition and general impression.
  • Judgment of the judges will be final & binding to all parties.
  • A team of 2 participants from each Institute/College is allowed to participate.
  • Theme and place for Rangoli would be allotted on the spot and the participants have to relate their Rangoli to the given theme.
  • Time duration for preparation will be 60 minutes.
  • The participants have to manage within the space provided by the organizers.
  • Judgment of the judges will be final & binding to all parties.
  • Time Limit – 4 minutes.
  • Judgment will be based on rhythm, formation, expressions, costume, makeup, sets and overall effects.
Creative Writing (English/Hindi)
  • Topic will be given on the spot.
  • Time limit : 1 hour.
  • Individual participation.
Poster Making
  • A team of 2 participants from each Institute/College.
  • Theme will be given on the spot.
  • Time duration for the preparation: 60 minutes.
  • Participants will bring their own material required for the contest.
  • 2 minutes will be provided to each participant for presentation of the theme.
  • Judgment of the judges will be final & binding to all.
  • 3 members per team.
  • 2 teams will be selected per zone.
  • Teams will be finalized on the basis of a written elimination test.
  • The Finals will have Audio besides the regular Oral rounds.
  • In case of a tie break, the team to get a question wrong first in the written test will be eliminated.
Debate (Hindi/ English)
  • Two member team; one for the motion and oneagainst.
  • Topic for debate will be uploaded later.
  • 2 teams will be selected per zone.
  • Maximum time limit : 3 + 1 minutes.
  • Contact head coordinator for the topic.
  • Individual participation.
  • Time limit: 2 + ½ hrs.
  • Magazines or any sort of material will not be provided.
Battle of Bands
  • Maximum of 12 and minimum of 4 members per team.
  • Each band can perform eastern /western or both.
  • Time limit: 20 minutes (5 minutes setup time + 15 minutes playing time).
  • 5% of total marks will be deducted for every extra minute.
  • Use of pre recorded music (e.g. sequences, keyboard rhythm, guitar loops) will used minimal.
  • No instrument will be provided by the organizer.
Fashion Show
  • 8-15 members.
  • Registration fees-500 INR per college/School.
  • Theme Performance.
  • Attractive cash prizes.
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