Star Alumni

NDIM has created this prestigious felicitation on the basis of predetermined parameters and categories including Best Placement, Potential Start-up and Star Entrepreneur. The titles are presented to the awardees by the management of NDIM.

Over the years from across the different batches, several alumni students have been identified and felicitated as STAR ALUMNI including:

BATCH 2005-2008 BATCH 2006-2009 BATCH 2007-2010
Aditya Choudhary: Star Entrepreneur Gaurav Ablakha: Star Entrepreneur Deepak Nagi: Star Entrepreneur
Nitin Phogat: Best Placement Upasna Khanna: Best Placement Ritika: Best Placement
Aditi Gupta: Best Placement Lavnish Gautam: Best Placement Manisha chauhan: Best Placement
Swati Dev: Potential Start-up Karan Singh: Potential Start-up Ruchi Sood: Potential Start-up
Sonal Munjal:Potential Start-up Yash Bansal: Potential Start-up Steve Gomes: Potential Start-up
BATCH 2011-2014 BATCH 2012-2015 BATCH 2013-2016
Saurav Shivdasni: Star Entrepreneur Jasdeep Singh: Star Entrepreneur Ayushi Nanda: Star Entrepreneur
Swati Singh: Best Placement Geetanshu Kalra: Best Placement Prashant Ranjan: Best Placement
Rahul Grover: Best Placement Rohit Sangla: Best Placement Stephy Simon: Best Placement
Sakshi Sharma: Potential Start-up Vivek Devrani: Potential Start-up Madhav Sharma: Potential Start-up
Saurav Negi: Potential Start-up Mehak Khurana: Potential Start-up Rahul Trivedi: Potential Start-up
BATCH 2014-2017 BATCH 2015-2018
Farman Kadri: Star Entrepreneur Karan Katariya: Star Entrepreneur
Astha Basin: Best Placement Krishna Sharma: Best Placement
Isha Sharma: Best Placement Amir: Best Placement
Hamza Parvez: Potential Start-up Deepti Singh: Potential Start-up
Aditya Mishra: Potential Start-up Arshad Kadri: Potential Start-up
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